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Our FREE Panchakarma Teleconference is coming up this week! Go to www.halepule.com to sign up now!


I was vegan myself for 19 years, and agree that no being ought to be in misery and suffer although as humans we learn a great deal from our suffering. What I have experienced as a result of 19 years of including ethically sourced dairy products is that vata dosha is much more calm, and I am better person toward myself, all beings, and the planet as a result of that. I am more aligned with the state of Yoga, and continue to enhance my depth of connection and ability to be of service to the world.
The yogis of the Himalayas lived only on cow milk and a small amount of wheat. Some still do this. Perhaps it is important to remember that not all cows are treated badly. We hope that people are also not treated badly. Ahimsa may be translated in english as nonviolence, but it is important to consider the meaning of how we need to act, which is with kindness, respect and consideration for all others.

In my book I set a standard in the beginning that all product of any sort that is consumed in any way should not come from chemicals, excessive processing or any violence and negativity. It is unfortunate that this happens in the world but it gives us the opportunity to see the contrast and what is better.

In Yoga and Ayurveda we learn to make choices and be responsible for our choices. Life is not black and white as it may seem. From my experience I have seen that an attitude of anger and judging others does not bring peace and connection within, or on the planet. And this connection is what allows us to be truly in the practice of ahimsa. Our thinking and attitude are what really make the difference. When we can find our own neutrality and acceptance of others, we can truly practice ahimsa.

We are fortunate here that our cows are sweet wonderful animals treated as family members. They are not given chemicals and have plenty of acreage to roam. The mothers are well cared for and babies all allowed to grow up. The cowherd and his family are a beautiful sight. We send them appreciation daily.

We also practice agnihotra, a vedic fire ceremony that uses ghee and cow dung as part of the process. It is an extremely powerful practice for healing the atmospheres and all beings. The cow is a very special being and we respect them as so, along with all others on the planet. Information on agnihotra can be found on the Fivefold Path website and also from our website.

Wishing you all the best.

Myra Lewin, www.halepule.com
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“Sometimes low energy is a result of overexertion. Expecting to go continuously without proper rest, recreation, enough sleep, or vital food is unrealistic and out of balance.” Myra Lewin, Freedom In Your Relationship With Food

Something To Think About…

Be willing to make the connection between your actions and your results.

Illusion of control leads to a lack of conscious participation, which aggravates the problem. Conscious participation in your relationship to food and eating requires waking up to the reality of what is happening. It requires giving attention to the inherent needs of your body. Each of the examples above contains an unconscious delusion that contributes to low energy and poor health.

Myra Lewin, Freedom In Your Relationship To Food

Healthy, Ayurvedic holiday meal options.

Macadamia nut muffins and a homemade pie crust!



Are You Eating With Mental Imbalance? Do you…?

- Skip breakfast in order to eat less in a day
- Buy gym memberships or Yoga classes and not use them, but feel like you did a good job by making the purchase
- Suck in your tummy in public to look thinner
- Exercise excessively to make up for binging
- Buy healthy food and let it go bad in the fridge, but feel good that you made the right purchase

Myra Lewin, Freedom In Your Relationship With Food


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